Warrior Saints Academy Lesson Preview

Adam vs. Christ

What is the meaning of the Bible?

The Bible is the ONLY book ever written that can transform your life. Period!

The problem is most people start reading The Bible, but give up quickly because they get confused or don’t understand what they are reading.

Understanding the Bible gives you daily help to understand AND apply the teaching of Scripture.  Our introductory lesson, Adam vs. Christ helps you understand the thesis of Scripture so you can begin living a Crucifixional life.

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Additional Resources

Names in the Bible

Listen to a sample lesson from Understanding the Bible titled Names in the Bible. Fr. Chris gives us insight and context into Biblical names and what they mean.

Forget your Passion, Find your Purpose

This workshop leads you on a journey to connect with your God-given Purpose in life. Find your purpose and don’t let passion burn you out!

About The Warrior Saints Academy

The Way of the Warrior Saint is what we call living a Crucifixional life. That means, to live an exceptional life, we must live the way Jesus Christ did. And as he conquered Death by his Crucifixion, so too, can we reach our full potential by imitating his self-sacrifice.

The Way of the Warrior Saint is not one more thing to do…it’s an entirely new way of doing everything.

Our two-step approach will teach you the rich depths of Scripture, and more importantly, how to apply God’s instructions into your life…immediately!

Don’t settle for a mediocre life. Join us on the Way of the Warrior Saint and become the best version of you!